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The Importance Of Routines To Maximize Your Potential

Plus 11 Ways to Create the Perfect Flowing Routine

Your routine is a collaboration of everything you consistently do on a daily basis. No matter if it's good or bad, anything you do as second nature is a habit and typically feels very easy to keep repeating. When dissecting your routine, how effective and productive is it for your goals and your passion? Are you waking up late? Do you eat unhealthy food? Did you exercise today? Did you journal and meditate?

When you become conscious and aware of your daily habits, you will understand why your life is transpiring the way it is. Your routine is something that should make you feel in-tune and consistent with staying productive, balanced, harmonious, and positive in your daily living. If you have a bad habit that you've embedded into your routine, then it's definitely time to adjust and revamp your routine to maximize your potential and create a better lifestyle.

The first thing to do in developing a routine is taking a step back, and analyzing what you currently are doing right now. If you feel like everything is flowing smoothly, efficiently, and positively, then potentially you've created a great routine for yourself. If not, then you have to be transparent and honest with yourself in what areas you have room for improvement in. Potentially, it's your mindfulness practices, that's creating an emotional rollercoaster and a lack of control to respond vs. react in challenging times. Maybe it's your nutrition, that's causing improper gut health and mood swings due to hormonal imbalances and lack of energy. Possibly, it's your physical health that is suffering, due to lack of time in nature and not enough exercise to create mobility, stability, strength, and good self-esteem of your image. No matter what it is, having an understanding of these allows your body, mind, and soul to stay cool, calm, collected, and balanced, no matter what is thrown at you. As well, you will stay consistent with achieving your goals, while maintaining a positive psyche and healthy lifestyle that promotes longevity of your years in life.

Once you've analyzed and really deciphered what you want to improve on to create the best flowing routine for you, it's time to create a blue print for what is aligning with your passion and goals. Living a healthy lifestyle should be automatic, but for some it's not that easy. For most, they will need to cut out some bad foods or drinks in their diet to allow their brain to function correctly. Next, most will need to add in mindfulness practices such as meditation and journaling. Many will need to increase how often they get outside in nature and exercise period. All the pillars of life are needed in order for the mind and body to function at its best. Mental health, physical health, emotional stability, spiritual grounding, intellectual stimulation, and complete harmony all stem from your daily habits and routine.

Creating a blueprint focuses on planning and prioritizing. You need to plan what needs to be achieved everyday, while prioritizing what is most important in your life. Do you need a set amount of time to properly eat during your busy work schedule? Do you need to give yourself time to meditate, exercise or get out in nature to keep your mind still and calm? Do you really enjoy reading and developing your knowledge or wisdom but lack the energy by the time you want to? You need to prioritize what is important for you, in order to feel productive yet at ease within yourself. Having a healthy balance of work, play, and rest is crucial for creating a routine that will not lead to burning out or burning the candle from both ends. There needs to be planning of when and where you can do certain things, while staying realistic of how much energy it takes to perform those tasks or endeavours. Focus on creating habits that align with your goals, dreams, and passion, that will lead you to feeling happy, grateful, ambitious, in-tune, and driven to living your best life. If you don't control your habits, you will not have the energy or time to do the things you truly want to do. This will create frustration, doubt, bitterness, and regret over time. And will only lead to a negative and unhealthy lifestyle.

Let's understand how you create habits. This is from doing anything for at least 30-60 days consistently everyday. Reflect into your life what you do everyday, and decide if it's helping or hindering your dreams and desires. Now dive even deeper and reflect on the actions that are involved in those habits, are they good or bad? Do they take lots of energy or very little? Take one step deeper, are the words you're speaking positive or negative? Are they lifting you up and giving you hope, or are they harsh and heavy holding you down? And one step deeper, are your thoughts positive or negative? Are they a reflection of someone else's idea of happiness? Do you speak kindly, and healthy towards yourself? Do you speak optimistically or pessimistically? Do your thoughts align with your idea of joy, happiness, and success? These are all questions you need to ask yourself...

If you are speaking negative thoughts or have a subconscious mind trained to self-sabotage, will you ever speak positive words? Words are very powerful and create energy into manifestations of your reality. Your words lead to actions, that over time create habits. Your habits are what make up your routine and create the lifestyle you currently are living. So, if you want to fix your routine, you need to fix the root issue, which is your thoughts. When your mind is in control by you, you can lead the body anywhere and through anything you choose. But, if you are not living in the present and remaining aware and conscious, you will not be able to make responsive decisions that ultimately determine how good your tomorrow may be. Many people are controlled by their body. The cravings of sugar, caffeine, pleasure, dopamine, affection, and more. This creates a routine that is swayed to believe they NEED those things and have no self-control of stopping or limiting those things. When the body leads the mind, it creates: emotional instability, mental health issues due to not being present, physical ailments and bad quality of movement, disconnection of the spirit to the mind & body, little drive to stimulate the intellectualism and intuition of the mind, and a life controlled by others.

If you want to control your life, control your habits. If you want to control your habits, control your actions. If you want to control your actions, speak positive words. If you want to speak positively, create positive thoughts. Now, this doesn't mean positive people don't have negative emotions or thoughts that arise. But, they learn how to control if they act upon them or use them to teach themselves why those thoughts or emotions arise in order to choose the right decision to make at the time accordingly. However, people who live positive lives do have less negative thoughts, and with the right techniques and routine, they can completely remove attachment to any negative energy period. This takes years of hard work, self-mastery, and conscious energy. But, nothing great comes easy. If you want a life that is wholesome, purposeful, and harmonious. Then you need to create a routine that serves your mind, body, and soul.

11 Ways To Develop a Perfect Routine For You

1. Wake Up Early

Waking up early helps you maximize and seize the whole day. Majority of business and places are open from 6-9am to 5-9pm. If you want to make the most of your opportunities the early bird gets the worm. Waking up early also aligns you with the rise of the sun, which naturally gives you more energy and drive to jump out of bed. Having energy is crucial for reaching your potential of productivity and efficiency. When you consistently wake up with the sun, you will see that you no longer need an alarm, since your body will become in-sync wth the natural way of living. This is why night shifts are so hard for people. It's not natural for you to be waking up in the afternoon, to then go to bed when the sun is rising. The body has an internal clock that's connected to the sun. If you want to have the most energy will being the most productive, wake up early and make the most of the day!

2. Meditate To Start and Finish the Day

Meditation gives you stillness of your mind, while aligning your body, mind and soul in oneness. This ancient practice is a key way for setting intentions, reflecting, and keeping oneself grounded with alert intuition. Enlightenment comes from consciousness. To be conscious you must be aware. When you live aware, you will be in control and remain responsive to everything in your life. If you respond, you are in control. If you are in control, you will be living in the present and deciding every outcome based on your words, actions and emotions. Emotions are just energy in motion. They also are a reflection of where your vibration is currently. If you are vibrating high, you will be joyful and pleasant. If you are low, you will feel angry and resentful. Use meditation to keep your vibe high plus your mind in check, giving you the opportunity to stay cool, calm, collected, and harmonious with your body, mind, and soul.

3. Journal and Reflect

Journaling is how you physically set intentions and keep track of your progress. If you want to retrain the subconscious mind, you need to engrave something new, and consistently keep repeating this process to remove the negative thought patterns and align with ones that serve you. Journaling is the best way to create a vision of what you are working towards and desiring to achieve. Pairing affirmations, goal setting, nutrition tracking and overall well being assessments. You will be able to understand if you're moving forward or backwards. Reflection is a key part of journaling because you need to be honest with yourself in order to know what your focus is based on for improvements and positive growth. If you want to know your progress it's best to keep track of what you do everyday, to see the steady trend of where you're heading. Consistently journal and you can engrave anything you want just like taking notes in school.

4. Stay Off Social Media Before Meditation (in the rise) & After Meditation (in the evening)

Social media is very stimulating and gets the mind to start over thinking and having pre-contemplated ideas about the day before even getting started. Limiting your time on social media will help your body stay away from scrolling, but also your mind away from bad trends and unnecessary thoughts that will lead you down the rabbit hole of confusion, worry, doubts, and superficial ideas that can lead to bad self-imaging, procrastination, and lack of productivity. Social media is a tool, and nothing more. If you feel the need to always be on it, then it's controlling you. Majority of social media is an illusion or just for attention. Take more pride in focusing on your own life instead of what others are doing. Nothing wrong with using the tool, but make sure it serves you, and you have control of how much and when you decide to tap into that vast platform of trickery and information. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Make sure your mind is still, calm, and in control, so that you can choose what to believe or not when scrolling through a lot of nonsense and information that doesn't serve a healthy or positive mind. Be mindful of the things you see and put in your head, because they're typically not all they're cut out to be, nor do they always serve you...

5. Learn To "Fast" More

Fasting is the way you give your body time to heal, repair, cleanse, and grow. If you always have food in your stomach, the body doesn't get enough time to improve and remove what no longer serves it. Radical cells need to be removed consistently, and can become harmful if not reduced. These can lead to different forms of cancer. This is why you shouldn't eat within 2-3 hours of bed, because the body does so much repairing, cleansing, and growing when we are asleep. This is why many people have to wake up to pee at night, because the body is filtering the blood more efficiently as your body is horizontal and able to move fluids much easier since they're not fighting gravity, and your heart is parallel to your organs. Many cultures implement fasting as they know it is the best way to ensure the body is functioning properly and healthy, but also leads to a longer life. If you want to have more energy, control your cravings, x growth hormones, cleanse your body of toxins, and live longer, then you need to be fasting for at least 12-16 hours a day. This means only eating healthy, minimally processed food in a 8-12 hour window. This will change your life!

6. Eat Balanced Meals

Food is the fuel of your body. If you had a really nice car that demanded premium gas, would you put the cheap stuff in and potentially ruin your engine? I think not, because that could become expensive down the road. Your health is your wealth, if you put bad fuel in, you will ruin your engine and suffer for it down the road. There is no difference in our society. The unhealthy foods for your body are cheap, but the healthy ones are more expensive. This is just a marketing tactic because they want you to eat unhealthy in order to fall into the scheme of the system, that leads you to pharmaceutical drugs, sedentary habits, relying on the healthcare system and a decreased life span. If you want to function like a sports car, you need to fuel your engine accordingly. You completely dictate your hormones, mood, energy levels, brain cognitive function, physical performance levels, and more just from your nutrition. Eating balanced meals, that consist of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs, will ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Portion sizes and moderation are the key to maintaining a healthy body. No "diet" will do anything unless you make a lifestyle change. Especially if you don't change your mind. If you jump on the keto fad or carnivore diet, just know you will have repercussions from following people who just want to lead you astray. You need balance, you need healthy carbs, you need each nutrient, that's why the body demands them. If you need to lose weight, do it the right way, change your lifestyle.

7. Go For Walks In Nature

Nature is the best way to tune back into the present, and remove the mind from being distant from the body. When you walk in nature you get sunlight, fresh air, and reminded of how beautiful the world we live in is. The grounding affect nature has is remarkable, and a big reason why people naturally love getting outside. We belong in nature, and if you're not getting enough sunlight or fresh air, you will begin to feel tired, lethargic, moody, and more prone to illness. Getting outside is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system and soul. Putting your mind in the moment and getting back in-sync with the natural flow of life is important to not get over stimulated from the rat race you're living in. Setting out time everyday to go for a undistracted walk, will be beneficial for your body, mind, and soul. Artificial lights can cause many issues with your internal clock and hormone production. Going for a 20-30 minute walk alone with a still and present mind, will work wonders for keeping your spirits up and your mind productive for the day. You are meant to connect with the earth everyday, wearing rubber shoes and not touching the earth is a big way you stay disconnected from grounding out negative energy, and feeling at ease within yourself. If you ever feel off, go for a walk away from the hustle and bustle, where you can see water flowing, animals living, and potentially go barefoot in the grass or on the sand. This is how you stay connected to the energy that gives you life.

8. Exercise Daily

Exercise is important for maintaining cardiovascular health and mental stimulation. The benefits of cardio, strength training, sports or any physical activity is immense. Maintaining a strong heart, lungs, bones, joints, are helpful in staying co-ordinated, balanced, flexible, mobile, stabile and up keeping a healthy quality of living. Mental stimulation occurs from staying focused on a single task and can feel like meditation in motion. Self-esteem and self-image improve from seeing progress and seeing results. The body needs to move, and the benefits improve your mental health as well. You receive good endorphins from moderate activity, and these change your mood, and mindset. Implementing something everyday, wether it's cardio, strength training or playing sports, these will completely change your energy levels, gratification of social needs, and longevity of a happy and healthy life. Stay active because if you don't use it you'll lose it!

9. Read A Book Everyday

Reading is how you keep learning and improving your knowledge or wisdom. The act of reading is also another way of staying present and meditative in the way you're living. Reading allows the brain to stay active and functioning at a healthy level. Being able to keep the mind strong, while learning or gaining perspective is a win win. It doesn't take more than 10-15 pages a day to help forward progress in learning while strengthening the mind to have comprehension skills, cognitive rationality, frontal lobe envisioning, and calmness of the mind. When you find the right books, it's usually hard to put them down. So remember to just take them in strides, and you don't need to read the whole thing in one day... Some of the best books can be challenging and long to read, but the value of taking your time is also so you can understand, retain, and apply what you've just read. Go too fast and you probably will have to re-read in order to fully digest what you just read. Read everyday, and see how you handle problems better, expand your mind more, and handle life with better logic & rationale.

10. Do Yoga

Yoga is an ancient art that combines meditation, breathing techniques, exercise, and a way of living. Most people know yoga as just holding poses and feeling better without understanding why. But, the practice is meant to realign your chakras, ground out negative energy, strengthen the body and mind, and bring back the spiritual connection to the other two. When consistently going through proper yoga flows, you will receive a relaxing effect that also benefits the physical body as much as the mind. Being present and in the moment is a key principle of the practice, and focuses on letting go or detaching from what no longer serves you. Learning to be more present in life is important for remaining joyful, happy, and in control. When you learn how to flow, you learn how to heal and grow. Having a Yoga flow after meditation is a great way to pair two amazing practices together in order to maximize the effects of both. The more your body, mind, and soul can be connected, the better your life will flow.

11. Go To Bed and Wake Up At The Same Time

The circadian rhythm is the physical, mental, and behavioural changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. These natural processes respond primarily to light and dark and affect most living things, including animals, plants, and microbes. When you get your sleep cycles on the proper rhythm, you will naturally feel more rested and sharp as your body is really in-tune with nature. This is why waking up and going to bed with the sun are beneficial for maximizing how much energy you have. The highest amount of alertness, co-ordination, reaction time and cardiovascular efficiency/ muscle strength occur between 9am-5pm. This is why the day is set out to be 9 to 5. People don't understand the world is designed based off circadian rhythm. If you want to be functioning naturally at your best, you should be going to bed between 9-10pm and waking up between 6-7am. This will allow your body to not need an alarm and will also feel at it's best for everyday activities. Time your 90 minute sleep cycles with this rhythm, it will make you more productive and healthier all around.


Creating a routine is a conscious choice and takes conscious effort. If you want to live a healthy life, then create positive habits that work for you compared to against. Many people know why a routine is good, and what aspects to implement, but many don't know how to go about it. Remember, creating a routine is all about your habits, and your habits stem from your actions, words, and thoughts. If you want to change your routine change your thoughts and perspectives. This will rebuild your routine and lifestyle from the ground up. Breaking and building habits is challenging and can be tedious, but if you are willing to put forth the effort and stay consistent, you will create a routine that flows perfectly and effortlessly on the benefit of your behalf. Nothing great comes easy, but the reward at the end of the tunnel is priceless. Focus on staying in the moment and living for the present. This will keep you in control and allow you to be responsive instead of reactive. Remain aware and conscious of everything you are inputting or outputting and you will always stay happy with yourself inside and out. Control what you can control, and that is yourself. Be open and honest of what you need to work on, transparency and accountability will create self-mastery. If you want to grow you have to let go, once you let go you learn how to flow. Develop a routine that creates the lifestyle you desire, and achieving success will become second nature.

Stay strong, stay consistent, stay healthy, stay in the moment & keep developing yourself!

Level Up!

Love ❤️

Team Mindset

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